The luxury digital contact card ZoYo Card will forever change the way you share your contacts with friends, colleagues, partners, and customers. You will never be left without a business card or dictate a phone or a social network profile again


How does it works?

The ZoYo Card has a built-in NFC tag, a QR code, and a custom web space on the ZoYo platform. You will no longer run out of business cards, order constantly, or change them in case you change your phone number or employer.

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What Makes  Us Different


Intelligent communication vs. the old-fashioned way

ZoYo Card

You can now easily transfer your contacts quickly and instantly, you will no longer run out of business cards, you will not save them, there will be no more costs for issuing more and more business cards.

ZoYo Card is not only a digital card with NFC tag and QR code, it has a personalized web space for your account and information and you can always manage it.

Standard business card

You can always continue the traditional way…order new business cards, give them to people you meet

How effective is this? Do they go in the trash or in a box without being seen again?

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Save the planet 

Using a digital business card ZoYo Card saves hundreds of trees and CO2 emotion. 
Let's say you are spending 400 business cards a year, that would mean that you will spread 2000 business cards in the next 5 years (just in case you will not change your job position, phone or email). This would cost 4,8 trees and would harm with adding 1,2 kg CO2 to the environment. Save carbon footprint!

If you get your ZoYo Card and 100 neighbors of you also get one, we will together save 500 trees in the next 5 years. If we are more, more is welcome, nature would appreciate it! We believe in the small steps that we can make together for greater results!


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