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The teenage series of ZoYo Card - digital contact card, made of composite cardboard, will forever change the way you share your contacts with friends, acquaintances, colleagues, partners, adn new people in your day. ZoYo Card has a built-in NFC tag. By getting it closer to a mobile device, you can easily share contact information such as name, phone, company, position, email, website, links to social networks, or an offer or a presentation. Using the card does not involve downloading an application and you manage your contact information in your own account.

  • Share your contacts by touching the Zoyo Card digital business card to the recipient's phone;
  • Edit your information through your own profile;
  • Share a lot more information, incl. all social media;
  • Forget about dictating social media profiles and phone numbers
  • Support eco communication (CHAO on one-time business cards)
ZoYo Card product contains:
  • ZoYo Card with an individual NFC tag to a personal profile;
  • A ring for attaching it to your keys/keychain or backpack;
  • Personal web space of the ZoYo Card contact management platform;
  • User guide;
  • Made of recyclable composite cardboard
Buying a ZoYo Card is the only expense you have, ie. there are no additional and hidden costs to use the card!

ZoYo Card – Teenage Graphite

€12.00 Regular Price
€0.00Sale Price


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